Truly Moroccan

Rhassoul Clay, Hair & Face Mask for Deep Pore Cleansing - 250g - Ultra Pure Moroccan Ghassoul

Ghassoul is a mineral only found in the beds beneath the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It's 100 percent organic, hypoallergenic, and jam-packed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium. When mixed with floral water and applied to the skin, ghassoul absorbs excess grease and eliminates impurities deep down (like, real, real deep). It can also be used in your hair to add shine and increase volume. This natural clay from Morocco is incredible for skin. This untreated and naturally dried clay has a silk-like feel and can help even out skin tone and reduce blemishes. It has the unique ability to both nourish skin and reduce breakouts and many people use it daily as a natural soap and shampoo. In fact, clinical studies and testing on Rhassoul found that it can increase skin elasticity, even skin tone, reduce blemishes and blackheads, and reduce skin dryness or flakiness. For an extra treat, try ghassoul blended with rose water or jasmine fragrances Mixing ghassoul for healthy hair and skin: -Place ghassoul into bowl and put warm to hot water over it. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. -Mix ghassoul to make a muddy paste. -Apply ghassoul to hair by sections starting from the back and moving forward. -For dry hair, let sit for 5-10 minutes -For normal hair, let sit 5-15 minutes -For oily hair, let sit 10-20 minutes -Rinse well. -For your face or body, mix ghassoul mud as directed and rub into skin. Rinse well. -For scent you can add rose water, orange blossom water or your choice of essential oils, when preparing your ghassoul mud. Adsorbing Power: This is what makes clays so beneficial for cleansing. Adsorption (with a D) refers to the process by which clays like Rhassoul attract positively charged particles (cations) to remove them. When the clay is washed off, the impurities go with it, leaving smooth skin.

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