Truly Moroccan

Moroccan Thuya Wood Jewellery box


Box size : 13cm x 9cm x 9cm

Another premium gift from truly moroccan , especially the southwest Moroccan thuya trees,well known for its strength and durability, thuya wood is one of the premium wood products in the world.Its burls are highly prized for their rich colours, and uniquely clustered eyes. Thuya burl is harvested from the root systems of trees which have died quite some time ago. It can be difficult to find as the tree tops are long gone, leaving only small depressions in the ground where the burl is located. Even though Thuya is a conifer tree, it’s wood is rather hard and quite oily. Those oils are what give Thuya burl its distinctive smell, a special appetizing smell that we prefer you discover by yourself, mmm oh no sorry !!!! i will tel you 😉. You remember the way your pencil box smelled in grade school? Yup that is exactly what Thuya Burl smells like It can be used to decorate your room or to present it as a gift to your friends and beloved persons.

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