Truly Moroccan

Grade A+ Sargol Saffron 5g


Highest Quality Persian Negin saffron  

This is premium Sargol Quality Saffron, sourced direct from ancient farms located in the City of Saffron.

Grade A Saffron (Rated by ISO 9001:2015). This is the best Sargol saffron available in the world hand picked for professional chefs. This Grade A Saffron is only the stamen of the Crocus Sativus plants, and not other different coloured or dyed parts like you receive in low grade Saffron. If you buy Saffron that has not been internationally graded you do not know what you are buying. Truly Moroccan Saffron is Graded A by ISO.

No Colouring or Additives - every batch is tested to certify that it is 100% Sargol Saffron. Sargol Saffron is much stronger than other Saffrons; the rule of thumb is the darker the colour the higher the quality.  

Our saffron is ideal for home cooking and restaurants. 100% natural and fat free. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The perfect ingredient to Saffron Rice & Tahdig, Moroccan Tagine, Chelow Kebab, Spanish Paella, Indian Biriyani and to flavour tea.

  Each 5 g of Saffron also has a resealable airtight metal container.

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